The sauna has no water connection. Therefore, for hygienic reasons, shower in advance at home. Use the restroom at home or in the restaurant building by the entrance. For the real sauna experience, bring a large sauna towel (to sit on), a bath towel (to dry off), a bathrobe, bath slippers and water. At least sauna and bath towel are mandatory. We rent for 15.- sauna towel and bathrobe. If you don’t like to be naked in the sauna, bring an additional thin hammam towel.

The Eisbadi Arosa is located at the Untersee Arosa, 5 minutes walk from the train station Arosa or by bus direction Untersee to the terminal stop. By car you can park at the Untersee parking lot. The entrance to the Eisbadi is located between the parking lot and the beach restaurant by the summer playground. We are waiting for you at the sauna for the introduction.

We hand over the sauna to you freshly aired. Open both doors and the ventilation slides in the sauna for 1-2 minutes after each session. CAUTION: If the ventilation slides are not opened after shock ventilation, excess pressure will occur.

Admission to our sauna is allowed only from the age of 18. The ice pool area may be entered under 16 years of age only under the supervision of a person with parental authority.

We can only accept your payment via our website with credit card. Cash payment is not possible with us. Cancellation free of charge is possible up to 48 hours before the start of the booked sauna or ice bath appointment.

The sauna is a place of rest and relaxation. We kindly ask you to talk quietly in the relaxation room and in the sauna out of consideration for the other guests.

Eisbadi strives to be an inclusive place where people can be free from discrimination. Especially for people who are affected by marginalization, discrimination or other forms of social exclusion, social inequality or rejection we want to offer a safer space.
If you have a negative experience, please contact us directly: !

For hygienic reasons and out of consideration for the other guests, wearing a bathrobe / bath towel is mandatory in the entire area outside the sauna. Naked only in the sauna and to cool off in the lake. Please no bathing suits in the sauna cabins.

The sauna is a place for relaxation. We ask you to respect the privacy of the other guests. Direct your gaze inwards, or out of the wonderful panoramic windows.

Walk carefully. The paths in the outdoor area can be slippery, especially when entering the lake.

Swimming in the lake at your own risk.

Entering the ice surface is prohibited!

Do not jump directly into the water after the sauna. Cool your body down in the fresh air beforehand.

Please do not consume any food or beverages you bring with you except water.

The use of mobile devices is prohibited in the sauna for reasons of personal privacy.

Always keep a dry sauna towel or dry bathrobe between your skin and the sauna benches and blankets in the relaxation room. The sauna towel also under the feet to prevent sweat drops on the untreated wood.
Please take off your shoes outside or on the doormat in the checkroom.

As of 17.2.22 you can use all our offers again without certificate and mask.

Do not pour more than three ladles of water at a time. Wait 3-4 minutes and only then pour again. If the water is poured on too quickly, the water will run onto the bottom.

There are no lockers. No liability is assumed by us for theft or damage.

In case of emergency, alert 144 directly. A 1st aid kit and a defibrillator are in the checkroom under the bench. A fire blanket is in the sauna trolley, a fire extinguisher in the rest trolley.

You are unattended during your sauna visit. We will come back after the 2.5 hours. If you want to leave early, turn off the lights in the interior rooms and close the door.

Glad you are here – enjoy your stay!